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AirDev: Refinement of UX Copies

H1: AirDev: UX Writing

Company Context

AirDev is a Boston-based provider of no-code solutions. Using the "Bubble" visual programming platform, AirDev programmes and develops web applications for clients. This is a solution for clients without a developed programmed knowledge or in-house developers. 

Project Overview

AirDev were looking to inject life into the instructional UX copies for their Web App. They looked to establish a fun “gamified” tone of voice throughout the app, and help bring the solution to life in a fun and engaging style.


The template tasks on AirDev’s WebApp is where the bulk of the user-facing copy lives, divided into 68 sections. The task was to gamify and align the current UX copies with a more fun, “alive” tone of voice. Fundamentally, the copies needed a "refresh". Thus, the task was more "UX Copywriting" than "UX Writing".


The challenge lay in outlying a form of copy that is fun and easy to read while simultaneously addressing user needs.

The new copies would need to communicate the same messages as the original copies, but in a new tone of voice.


In this case, several stages of the traditional UX writing process had been taken care of by the client.

My task, therefore, was to give existing copies a new tone as well as inserting them into the prototype. Therefore, this task focussed on the Refine and Prototype stages of the traditional design process.

Ben Bruton - UX Design
Ben Bruton UX
Ben Bruton - UX Writing
Ben Bruton UX Writer
Ben Bruton AirDev
Ben Bruton - UX Writing

Understand the user. What are the users' goals, needs, wants and frustrations?

Define the problem. What needs to be solved?

UX Design: User Interviews & Surveys: Uncover what the user needs.

User needs are uncovered. Create initial UX copy to address user needs.

Analyse initial UX copy. Refine it, make it clear, make it better, make it fun.

Insert the copy into the design. 

UX Design: Usability testing. Does the copy help to fulfil user needs?

Final check, and hand-off prototype to the development team.

Ben Bruton - UX Writing

Refine & Prototype

The client, AirDev, had already taken care of the previous UX writing stages before this project took place.

I was met with UX copies from the Ideation stage of the design process. These communicated UX copy messaging, but needed to be refined.


My approach to align the UX copy for the 68 sections was based on the following key criteria:

- Gamify the copies in line with AirDev's copy style

- Make the UX copies clear

- Ensure that every piece of UX copy is useful and necessary

- Adapt the UX copies within a conversational tone 

Task: Prototype Setup

68 user tasks, all containing the UX copy to be refined.

68 user tasks, all containing the UX copy to be refined.

AirDev - Copywriting Project - Ben Bruton

Original, Ideated Copy

New, refined copy. Written and uploaded into the prototype by me.

UX Copy Refine: Examples

Example 1: "Register The App To Canvas"


Register The Application.png

Refinement based on 4 key criteria

Register Your Screen.png

Example 2: "Complete The App's Design In Line With The Scope Document"


Scope Doc.png

Refinement based on 4 key criteria

Better Scope Doc.png
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