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felmo • Mobile Push Notifications 📱 • UX Writing 🖊️

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🤔 What is felmo?

👉  felmo is a mobile and web vet service for home visits and consultations.


The idea behind felmo is to fundamentally reimagine the way pet owners go about treating and caring for their pets. The user-facing product consists of an app and a website, whereby users can book home visits as well as telephone consultations - instead of going to the vet themselves.

🤔 What was the UX writing task?

👉 The task was to reimagine existing push notifications.


The existing push notifications were generic in nature and didn't provide ample information for the user. This task was to breathe life into the push notifications, similar to app copy itself.

🤔 What was the main challenge?

👉  Defining and laying out specific copywriting guidelines for push notifications.


Push notifications are integral in relaying important information for the user as well as bringing them back to the app. Therefore, the copy would need meet several criteria - practical, actionable, emotive and relevant. 


This task was based on 4 key stages.

1. 👀 Inspiration: Reference existing felmo copywriting guidelines to use as a base



2. 📜 Creation: Create and outline a central push notification guideline (Figma) (Braze)

3. 🤔 Review: Audit existing push notifications: from the app Backend + General Reminders (Miro)

4. ✨ Refine: Reimagine and update the existing push notifications based on the push notification guideline from step 2 (Miro)

Tools used

Miro Logo.jpeg
Old Books

👀 Inspiration

An integral part of this project was ensuring that the push notification tone of voice remained consistent in line with felmo copy standards.

How did I proceed?

Referencing existing felmo tone of voice / copywriting guidelines acted as the base to build consistent copies. It was important to identify and emphasise certain tone of voice / copywriting principles.

Not only were these more relevant for push notifications copy over standard product copy, but they would also allow push notification guidelines to be simple to follow and relay. 

What did I pick out and emphasise?

Without going into too much detail, the key tone of voice / copywriting principles selected were:

1. Relatability - empathise with the user and act like a human!

2. Emotion - personal content works best and show that we care.


3. Solve problems - communicate the issue straight, no waffle.

Construction Site

📜 Creation

How did I proceed?

Having reviewed the tone of voice / copywriting guidelines for app content, I was ready to collect the most relevant elements to put into a guideline document. This document was to be made with Figma.

What else did I need?

No push notification guideline can be complete without knowledge of general best practices for mobile push notifications - Android and iOS. For this, some extra research and review of multiple online sources was needed.

The extra contextual information consisted of:

- Character limits for Android and iOS

- Push notification priority categorisation

- Actions and relevance that push notifications serve

What did the guidelines look like?

Minus the obvious blur to deter portfolio push notification guideline thieves, something like this:

Ben Bruton UX Writer

That's all well and good, but how can you create new / optimise existing push notifications out of this?

The easiest way to condense and get started is to ask yourself the following questions - think of it as a checklist.

Push Notification Questions.png

How does this look in practice?

Ben Bruton Notifications.png
Paints and Brush

✨ Refine

Judge's Table

🤔 Review

Now, it was time to essentially audit the existing push notifications. In my view, user flows provided a reliable and accurate insight into where which push notifications are triggered.

Using Miro, I got to work on laying out the existing felmo app user flow, and detailing push notifications when triggered. The images below outline what this process looked like 👇

Creating Sitemaps

Ben Bruton UX Writing.png

Creating Sitemaps + Original Pushes

Ben Bruton Push Notifications.png

Again, without giving too much away, this process was carried out for the app's entire sitemap.

The app's sitemap had been laid out, existing push notifications triggered and their content jotted down - it was time to get to work and give the existing push notifications a new, "Ben-ified" sparkle! 

As demonstrated above as part of the creation stage of this project, all existing and noted push notifications marked on Miro were optimised in line with the questions to ask myself.

For a quick recap, they look like this:

Push Notification Questions.png

The optimisation results examples

Ben Bruton Push 1.png
Ben Bruton Push 4.png
Ben Bruton Push 3.png
Ben Bruton Push 2.png
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